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Apex begins Marketing Colombian Coking Coal

Apex has recently signed an agreement to market Colombian MV coking coal as recently published in Argus

This coal will have the following specifications

GuaranteedMid Volatile HCC
Total Moisture (as received)8% max
Volatile Matter (dry basis)22-27% max
Ash (dry basis)9.5% max
Total Sulphur (dry basis)0.90% max
Phosphorous (dry basis)0.053% max
Fluidity log ddpm1.5 ≤ Fluidity ≤ 4.00
CSR65 min
Total Dilation>200
Inerts≤ 25.0

Apex Appointed Exclusive Agent For Sale of Coking Coal Mine

Apex has been appointed the exclusive agent for the sale of a mid vol coking coal mine located in Pennsylvania.

The mine produces the following specification:


Ash          10.5% Max

Sulfur       1.25% Max

Volatile    21% to 25.5%

DDPM      800 Min

Oxidation  85 Min

CSR 64.6

Moisture   7.5% Typical

Size          2″ x 0