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Apex has recently signed an agreement to market Colombian MV coking coal as recently published in Argus https://www.argusmedia.com/en/news/2151844-atlantic-coking-coal-australian-offers-dampen-prices

This coal will have the following specifications

Guaranteed Mid Volatile HCC
Total Moisture (as received) 8% max
Volatile Matter (dry basis) 22-27% max
Ash (dry basis) 9.5% max
Total Sulphur (dry basis) 0.90% max
Phosphorous (dry basis) 0.053% max
FSI 7~8min
Fluidity log ddpm 1.5 ≤ Fluidity ≤ 4.00
CSR 65 min
Total Dilation >200
Rmax >1.20
Vitrinite >65
Inerts ≤ 25.0