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Regions Covered Coal​

North America

We can source various grades of metallurgical and steam coal loading via the US East Coast and Gulf ports. We can also supply mid-volatile metallurgical coal from Canada.

South America

We can supply Colombian coking coal and high-calorific, low-sulphur steam coal both via Caribbean and Pacific ports.


We can arrange the supply of various thermal coals from 5500 NAR and upwards.  


We have access to RB1, 2, 3, and 4 thermal coals from South Africa; additionally, we can source anthracite.
We are also able to supply various grades, including coking coal, via Mozambique.


We cover the full spectrum of coals available in Indonesia, from 3000 GAR to 6800 GAR. Please send us a request for further details on the grades available.

Regions Covered Metals:

We have access to various iron ore grades from the Americas, Africa, and Europe. We are able to source lithium, manganese, and various other metals.